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Typhoon High performance ventilators

Transportable high performance fans

Effective ventilation to clear rooms or buildings of smoke, heat and flames in the event of a fire. This improves the conditions of the emergency services.

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Typhoon – Innovative positive pressure ventilation system

Working with large objects

Ventilation and cooling of large objects such as halls, underground garages, high-rise buildings, airports, subway, railroad and road tunnels pose significant challenges for firefighters.

Since 2012

We have the solution since 2012: essential in firefighting and especially in situations where toxic fire gases, vapors, heat and smoke hinder the firefighting attack, e.g. in closed rooms, buildings, airplanes, ships, etc.

We work worldwide

In our product portfolio, in addition to fans with gasoline and electric drives, you will find the world's unique fans with water turbine technology.

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Our customers worldwide

  • Voluntary fire departments
  • Plant fire departments
  • Professional fire departments
  • Fire department dealers
  • Vehicle bodybuilders
  • THW

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